New blog for beginning investors

The goal of this blog is simple: produce useful articles for starting investors on the stock market.

My name is Lieuwe Jan Eilander. I am a healthy Dutch male with a master’s degree in chemistry. Since October 2014 I’ve been investing actively on the stock market. Since then a lot of useful information has crossed my path through books, magazines and the internet. Investing can be overwhelming to newcomers (it was to me), so this blog will try to give as much useful information about investing as possible. Although I am Dutch and mainly invest in European securities, I will try to make articles that are universal to anyone anywhere.

Do what you want with the information that will be provided on Embrace it, love it, ignore it or criticize it. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will become filthy rich by using the information on this website. I can only hope it will give beginning investors a head start into a slightly richer future.

If I can make money by investing, than anyone can.

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